Friday, October 29, 2010

Jieun, got serenaded and sick in colonial Mexico

Night and day shot of the Guanajuato from our camp site

can you spot me, we are serenading the ladies

the main theater in town showcasing the top acts of the Cervantino festival

Guanajuato an San Miguel de Allende are 2 of Mexico Colonial gems and prominent in the Independence movement 200 years ago. Both the cities have there own charm but Guanajuato is our pick. We got there on the last week of the International Cervantino festival (art, music and dance shows) which is probably why the city seem cleaner than most of the other cities we visited in Mexico. Streets were narrow and all cobble stone not the best for walking. Mexicans call it the romantic city and we can see why. We joined popular weekly event called the Callejoneada were the local university students sing, entertain and serenaded all the ladies while walking through the streets of Guanajuato. But most interesting to us was young people wanted to take pictures with us, at first I thought it was a scam pick pocket us but later Jieun, said she read that teens here like taking pictures with foreigners.

look Ji's making friends already

Diego Rivera childhood home into a museum

Jieun seem to know this spanish character Don Quiote

Second day in Guanajuato Ji, started complaining of soar throat and by the time we reached San Miguel she really sick. Coughing, headache and couldn't sleep. We decided to just stay in a hotel. We found a doctor near the hotel and I wish we had our camera to show you this guys office. The pharmacy next door had to unlock the door and called the doctor we walked through a narrow hallway into this tinny room with white walls and a desk that had typewriter on it. He spoke some english which was nice, he ask the problem and did his checks, temperature, blood pressure, listen to Ji's breathing and told us "its a common cold from the season change not the N1H1" Jieun felt alot better after hearing that. After the doctor started typing a prescription on that old typewriter and asked us to follow him to his pharmacy next door he had a list of 3 different meds to take so we bought it all cost of $300 pesos for meds and $200 for his service. works out to about 40 bucks.

We didn't get to see much of San Miguel, but what we did see was a town that is overrun with Americans and all the cafe and restaurants showed in the prices. Next we will drive into the Capital to visit Jieuns friend.

San Miguel de Allende centre piece church not much more to show you because Ji's wasn't feeling up for site seeing