Monday, October 4, 2010

Ate and picked up supplies in LA's K-town

the parade on Olympic Blvd.

Korean Town mall best food court food I have ever had

LA huge Korean community

Made our way to Los Angeles, on Hwy 1 its a coastal road of up steep cliff side hills and curves just like the sports car commercials but instead we are driving a 1999 Sienna. Driving that road was fun at first but after a few hours started getting a headache plus the fog off the Pacific was think couldn't see ocean was kinda of a bummer.

When we got to LA, in the afternoon Ji had already knew where to eat in Korean town it was a food court of a Korean Mall. Food at this mall was really good and alot better than some of the restaurants in Toronto's, Yonge and Finch area. After lunch we did some exploring around K-town and noticed a local garage and reminded me the sienna needed an oil change it cost $25 and the owner told us about a Korean festival that was going on that day. We took the old guys advice and check it out. Jieun was like a little kid in a candy store she had to see and try everything. We spent the entire day see all the display booths and watching the live entertainment that had some famous Korean artists and a talent competition.

LA's Korean town is huge. Jieun, said she felt like she was in Korea. Its like they took 6 square blocks from South Korea and dropped it right in LA's downtown. We left LA late and head to Palm Desert to spend 5 nights at the Intrawest resort to plan for Mexico and my personal favorite resting.

our terrace with fire place and out door shower thats relaxing

the view from our private terrace mountains, golf course and hot tub lunge