Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hit and run in Mexico by an American

Adios San Carlos

Relaxing after fixing the sienna

Jieun, on the same beach they shot Zorro

Playa Algodones, off the beach resorts

the damage of will post repair pictures later... Thanks Charles Nichols of AZ.

So we got up early headed to San Carlos a very small beach town near Guaymas on the north west coast. We found a place to stay first, had lunch and headed to the beach, parked more than 10 feet away from the nearest car went to walk on the beach no more than 10 minutes, came back to the van saw a note on the windshield, I looked around at the other cars on the lot and saw nothing and thought another parking ticket? NO a letter saying. “I hit your door, Charles Nichols 520 743-3663. Ok now what? we headed back to our camp site to call Charles, It was a US number in Arizona with no answer so I tried a few times and still nothing. thanks alot Charles!

After thinking about it I attempted to fix it myself. If I got it repaired we would have to stay 2 more days in Mexican time = 1 week. at who knows how may pesos. We didn’t have the time nor the money so I removed the panel and got some tools from Jake, an american kid living in the RV park with his Grandparents. With alot hammering and some prying I got most of it out, Ji touch up the cracks with nail polish and I got some bond cement and filled in the gap at handle where it meets the body. Took about 3 hours now water won’t leak in and now looks like a real Mexico Carro.

Will post some before and after pictures, and you guys say advisors never get dirty.
Next stop will be El Fuerte a northern colonial town in the Sinaloa