Thursday, October 21, 2010

Welcome to Mexico! 2 police stops, 1 military check point and a cute colonial town

view of El Fuerte from above

the city hall of the town

town church

Leaving San Carlos for El Fuerte, things were looking good repaired the sienna door and had an amazing seafood lunch the day before. We started out at 8am for the 5 hour drive to El Fuerte, just in a hour into the drive a line started to form on the hwy, Yes it was the our first police road stop he spoke fast saying something foreigners can’t drive on the road to that effect and pointed to our car permit we played dumb and spoke Korean to each other. He started to speak english again we played dumb finally asked us were we go, we got out the map and pointed on the map and he passed us on, lucky.

We were starting to feel even better after that encounter 30 minutes later another stop. We tried it again pretending not to speak english nor spanish, this cop ask for our passports walked around and made a phone call. 20 minutes passed and another police car pulls up, I starting to think he going to really shake us down for money. I started to speak broken english asking him “we trouble we problem” he said no but i heard the other police that arrived later say in spanish yeah your in trouble. They asked for all our papers seems my passport didn’t have Mexican visa in it and when we found it all was alright. They told us to keep them together and off we went 30 minute delay. I not entirely sure if that was the reason because he didn’t ask for the visa only asking for our papers, we dodged another one.

10 minutes later I noticed another stop OMG! here we go again but it was just a military check routine and very efficient asked where we where going check our van and off again. Finally we arrived in El Furete and started to look for our hotel. We must have ask 4 people and go 4 different directions and still no luck. We decided to park and walk around looking for it finally a girl that we asked before while driving notice use and walked us to the hotel it was only a block away.

We spent 2 nights at 250 pesos/night in the Hotel Guerrero a small inn that's located in the middle of the town, 10 minute walk to everything you would want to see in El Furete. We strolled around the streets felt safe and found stuff cheap than San Carlos. Our first night we ate at local street taco vender only 9 pesos per taco tasted great he had 3 each $54 pesos in total less than $5 bucks usd. When next door to buy a couple beers $10 pesos each and that was dinner.

best tacos in town

Last day we spent exploring more of the town, went to the town church, the centre square, museum where everything was in spanish and washrooms that had no water after finishing the day in the market. Next is Mazatlan.