Thursday, October 21, 2010

3 days on the beach in Mazatlan, and making friends

Jieun, took this picture on our last day Old Mazatlan

Old Mazatlan and in the background high rise of the new Mazatlan

Mazatlan, a city of new and old. The new part is full of high rise condos and apartments while the old is packed with charm from the old town church and market area to the Machado Square where people come to sit, talk, dine and enjoy nightly entertainment from live music to street performers.

these street performers where full of energy

Our first night we arrived late afternoon found a place and strolled around. It was getting dark and we saw a well dressed crowed forming in front of a museum and decided to check it out. While looking around like lost tourist an middle age couple told us to “have a drink and enter it is free.” William and his wife Ellsha, were their names and they spoke a little english. They told us it was an introduction of a music CD celebrating 100 years of the revolution and 200 years of independence. The whole presentation was in spanish but we enjoyed mingaling with the locals and the free drinks of course. Afterwards the couple showed us around the old central town and told us about Mazatlan and Mexico we had a great first night and felt very safe with them.

enjoying fish tacos and soup in the Machado Square

Next morning we got on the bikes and rode up the coast we didn’t get as far as we wanted because of the heat and stopped for some fresh mango slices from a guy on the boardwalk he sprinkled it with salt, chili pepper and lime juice, interesting to say least but we enjoyed it. We headed back to hotel and tried to contact Bill and Carol a Canadian couple from BC, that we meet in San Carlos on there way home to Mazatlan. I asked the hotel reception to dialed the number. No answer, I asked her to try the cell number and she told me cell numbers don’t seem to work from their phone ok! so I asked to dial the home number one more time, again no answer. I thought were going to leave Mazatlan without contacting them, but as I was walking to the store for a beer I saw Bill and Carol in front of our hotel having a drink in one of the restaurants. They told us to join them for a drink and we talked about our travels. It seems we have a little in common with Bill and Carol they have traveled south east asian and road trip around Mexico. After talking to them and sharing stories we feel better about our own trip in Mexico.

As for the Hotel we stayed at seem to be under renovation and in needed it, the hotel was old and outdated. Bath towels had holes in them, bed sheets discolored, some of the power outlets didn’t work and the elevator never lined up to the floor, oh did I mention no hot water at all. Location wise you can’t beat it on the beach and 4 blocks from the town square. We told the Mexican couple we meet first day where we were staying and they told us our the hotel had history and when I mention the Belmar Hotel to Bill and Carol they too said the place had history all we could see it was pre historic. I guess its one of the oldest hotels in Mazatlan and the annual festival in February takes place in front of its doors steps. While we got the historic hotel for 300 pesos a night with secure parking the normal rate is 450 but we talked them down plus it was low season.

the historical Belmar Hotel

We are heading for Guadalajara the second largest city in Mexico, Keep you posted.