Tuesday, November 9, 2010

In Mexico city during the Day of the Dead celebrations

Mexico city land of monuments

Aztecs wiping away the evil spirits

the three amigos

Its been over 3 weeks in Mexico and we have found it nothing like what we have read or heard from family and friends, until we arrived in Mexico city. Everyone we’ve talked to on the road has told us not to drive in the city because of traffic and the occasional car jacking. As for the roads and traffic that definitely was true, but lucky we didn’t have to drive too much to test the later and as soon as we arrived in the city 2 hours late from the traffic we found Jieun’s friends home and parked our sienna for the week. Thankfully Jieun had a friend in the city that let us stay with them. They fed us, showed us around and most important keep us safe. Thank you so much guys.

As for Mexico city we never felt unsafe despite all the bad news we have read and what our friends living in the city has told us. We rode the buses, subway, and took a taxi and the most dangerous we felt was when we drove ourselves. Afraid to getting lost and being cut off by everything on the road from motorbikes and loco bus drivers.

the blue house of Frida Kahlo outside

inside with Frida and Diego

Now the brighter side of the cities attractions from the down town were we saw Aztec people cleansing evil spirits with smoke, leafs and some liquids was pretty cool. Seeing the blue house of Frida Kahlo wife of Diego Rivera was interesting and sad story of her life after visiting the museum Jieun wanted me to download the movie Frida starring Salma Hayek if you have time check it out, good movie. Castillo De Chapultepec a castle with a panoramic view of the city was the late home of Emperor Maximilian and Empress Carlota now is a museum nice place to take pictures and see how the rich lived. Museum of Anthropology is Latin americas most extensive archives of Maya, Teotihuacan and Mexico cultural displays. Another key feature of the museum is the stone umbrella fountain structure.

gracias por todo Leo and Min Jung

We only stayed a week in Mexico city and most of our time was spent home resting but to truly know the city one would need more time and speaking spanish would help alot also. It is was time to move on getting too comfortable at Min jung and husband Leos home and plus Jieun was getting better thanks again guys for everything and god bless you both. Next destination Morelia.