Thursday, October 14, 2010

Crossed the Mexican boarder no worst for wear: Lukeville, USA to Sonoyta, Mexcio

the hostel but we camped out in the parking lot behind, cheaper

this our first night in Mexico at Senor W

office to pay for Car permit and tourist cards besides is the immigration office

quite boarder we are the only ones crossing into Mexico

After 5 days of lounging at club intrawest, it was time to head for the boarder. After much debit we decided to cross at Sonoyta. Its a very small town, the boarder only opens from 6am to 12am. so the day before we camped at the near by town of Ajo about an hour from the boarder. Shadow Ridge RV park the owner also owned the Shell gas station in front so he got us twice but a very friendly guy.

We tried to go to bed early but the excitement of a new country got the best of us and we tossed and turned all night long and 5:30 am the alarm went off, we took a shower and packed up and departed at 6:30. Arrived at the boarder at 7:30 we were the only ones crossing into Mexico but I did noticed a group of young kids entering the states getting searched. The immigration office at the boarder opens at 8 am. So we didn’t want to wait around the border and drove about 27km south east to the next check point that had immigration and vehicle licensing. First walked into the immigration office and there was one guy behind a desk he spoke some english which help alot. Soon after a pleasant mother and son entered the office from Nevada and spending 2 weeks in Mexico, they help translate for us when the immigration officer had trouble explaining. After the paper work, we had to walk next door to pay $262 pesos each ($22usd) while paying we had the clerk start the paper work for the car permit because it was the same office where you pay for the visa. She than told us to return back to the immigration office to stamp our passports and visa only than could we complete our car permit so back to the pay office $450 pesos ($35usd) for the car permit. We got the maximum 180 days for our car and our visas.