Sunday, October 24, 2010

Experiencing the young and lively Guadalajara, tequila testing in Tequila!

viva Mexico colors of the flag at night

town centre church

Italicone of the many fountains in the city of Guadalajara

Align Center
Ji, enjoying Mango Margarita while female mariachis sing

Mexico's father of independence Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla

We managed to find a budget hotel with parking for 160 pesos a night. Location was very good 2 blocks from all the action but the hotel clientele was kind of shady. Hotel Hamilton on Madero near Ocampo if anyone is interested.

Now to the good stuff, the down town area if full of young fashionable people, all strolling and relaxing around the cities colonial architecture alone the water fountains, around government buildings, museums and the cobble stone streets.

Tequila is a tinny town 50 km outside of Guadalajara, we took a coach bus to the town and while on the bus we met a local from the town and walked us to the doors of Jose Cuervo distillery. We entered and join a tour in progress that cost160 per person and included a tequila testing at the end. Mexico has the exclusive use of the name Tequila and only agave fruit growin in the area of Tequila can be labeled tequila. Finally after seeing how they make tequila and a brief history we got to taste 3 types white, gold, and special aged tequila. First 2 were too harsh the aged one was smooth aged 1 to 3 years.

agave fruit cut by hand and ready for distilling

Second day we took a transit bus to Tlaquepaque, a suburb of Guadalajara that specialize in hand made home furnishings and decor. Again we had help from a local but she was Philippine and she found a local that was heading in the same direction and we followed him. His name was Felix, a kind man that owned a restaurant in Tlaquepaque and invited us for a Tequila at his place but we couldn’t make it, sorry Felix we really wanted to come.

In all we only spent 4 days in Guadalajara and to do it justice you would need at lease a week to see it all. Next we will travel to the colonial towns responsible for the independence movement of Mexico, Guanajuato and San Miguel de Allende.