Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Copan ruins to tinny Gracias and to boiling hot in Tela

Starting the day early with Copan ruins and spent just over an 2 hours around the site and have to say it may just be my personal favorite. The structures are not that tall but it has a lot of interesting statues not found at other sites we visited.

That same day we drove to a tinny town of Gracias which was important for a brief time in the  mid 1500's as the capital of CA before taking a back seat to Antigua. It's about 3.5 hr drive from Copan, its a good town if you really want to get lost and just move a slower pace because everyone else is. We managed to hike up the hillside to the castle to get a view of the town and see young people dating on top.

Gracias is so tinny

The following day we drove down the Atlantic coast to the town of Tela, first thing we notice was the people seem darker and when we got out of the van we knew why the place is smoking hot. We walked around for about an hour before finding a hotel. Town seems more expensive than others and not my tourist I guess their in the resorts that line the beach. While in town we visited the botanical gardens which they say is the 2nd largest in the world. Next will be La Ceiba to hitch a ride to the islands to do learn how to dive.

this local doing a back flip