Thursday, February 3, 2011

Everyone says Guatemala city is dangerous and Antigua is calm and safe I would tend to agree

We've talked to alot of people and all of them ask "why are you going to Guatemala city?" the answer would have been "no way Jose" but lucky we meet a wonderful pair while in Oaxaca that invited us to stay with them in the city. What we saw of the city was very modern for C.A. and pretty easy to drive around if you know where your going. You can easily make a wrong turn and be very undesirable neighborhood. Of the hand full of people we meet in the city half of them had been robbed and all of them knew someone that had been. Again we escaped without any problem but we now know someone personal that has been robbed Guatemala city.

We don't have many pictures of Guatemala city because we didn't feel safe taking it around. That's maybe why we didn't get robbed don't show off, check the rear view mirrors and know where your going.

cooking some thia food for our new Guatemalan friends
Julio's flambe bananas great, but his simple delicious pastas took the prize for me

Antigua was such a contrast to Guatemala, very colonel, well cleaned, quite, not crowded and had a safer feel with more police and tourist strolling around. Like it but didn't spend much time there.

Julio and Luisa taking a break after showing us Antigua, thanks guys!