Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Unsuccessful open water dive, but found something more exciting and its not the Nicaragua boarder

 boat to Utila was a rough ride Jieun puked on the ship a few times and I got a awful headache
the only good feeling of Utila was the view from our room

Yes we tried it, and we didn't like it. Scuba diving is not for us, not sure if it was the training or lack of it. everyone morning we would go to the video room alone and watch videos and fill out the questions after each section, five in total. We had no instructors in the class room asking questions or answering our questions, after the first 3 videos we had our first dive in a pool with a lazy guy that seem more concern that we had the correct answers for each sections and telling us "I keep all these papers for 7 years because if PADI ever asks why you did that, I have proof to show I explained and that you understand thats all I care about" and here I thought our safety and having fun was the most important thing. PADI is the organization that licenses them to teach diving. After a few under water skill training Jieun was getting cold and we called it a day, he told us to finish the last 2 sections and complete the remaining skills tomorrow. We woke up early to finished up the last videos had lunch and our instructor told another instructor to complete our lesions because he was too sick but well enough to be on the streets socializing. Ok fair enough the new guy was nice and seemed experienced but unfortunately for him it took us longer to complete the skills then anticipated. This time we were in the ocean and deeper, we had problems with our ears and the air tasting like salt, no one told us about it and if it was normal or not, just jump in and stay under until we finish the skills. Jieun's leg cramped up and throw up twice under water attracting local fish and my ears still hurt from that day at only 3 to 4 meters. Next day we decided to pack it up and leave Utila they gave us back only 1/4 of our money for the 2 lessons. I am still not sure it was our problem our in the lack of training? if anyone is interested the school was Bay Island collage of diving and they charge $250 each for the course hope you have a better experience.

right on! we walked into eye of the fall

sad that with all these natural places the garbage is just as abundant 

When we left the Island things started to feel better and we discovered Pulhapanzak nation park and found out that the park is privately owned. That aside the park has this amazing waterfall but even better the cave tour that takes you into the eye of the fall it was really fun and worth the $5 per person to head in. The guide took us in by hand because you can't see anything all you feel is water up to you chest and the weight of the 40 plus meter of water coming down on your face by the time your behind the falls your soaked make sure you bring a bathing suit. Its a must do if your ever in Honduras its on lake Yojoa. They also let us camp in the park for $5. If you go, make sure to ask at the restaurant for all prices, tour guided wanted $3 more per person and the security wanted more than double for camping.

Its that time again to cross into another boarder this time Nicaragua, we crossed at Los Manos supposedly a less traffic boarder with less truckers. As we arrived we saw a line of trucks and a group of people followed the van trying to help with the crossing and exchange money, what helpful people at this boarder! We told the young boy we didn't need his help and he left but later another guy tried to help again and we told him no. But the money exchanger was very persistent we finally agreed to an amount knowing we where getting rip off but most likely the Honduran lempira would be hard to exchange further in. After canceling our Honduran visa $3 each and our car permit we had to drive about 200 meters to the Nicaragua aduana and immigration offices cost for car was nothing but you need insurance a guy selling will find you cost $12 for 30 days. Our visas cost $12 each even though the 30 day visa card said $10 right on it. Feeling bad about the crossing we are heading to Leon and hope to take some surf lessons on the coast.