Monday, February 21, 2011

Final weekend in Antigua

santo domingo hotel

outdoor restaurant at santo domingo hotel

hostel for $5 bucks

shared baths and showers

kid ruined my shoes

Its our 3rd and final visit to this peaceful colonial town and we just started to scratch the surface. Its like every time we pass a corner or walk down a street there is always something new and interesting that we didn’t see before.
cool dog in the town square

live music at one of the many nice restaurants

this guy had one too many big macs

Night time the town comes alive with locals chatting in the centre square, foreign operated bars packed with tourist and expensive drinks. All the fast food joints a busy serving locals and travelers while upper class dine in the warm inviting colonial setting restaurants and the price to follow.

Antigua really has everything from really high end to the budget minded traveler like us. we are heading to Guatemala city for one night and will head to Rio Dulce.