Saturday, February 12, 2011

2 week realaxing on Lake Atitlan with less than $35 a day for both

We based ourselves in San Pedro, small village that is surrounded by stunning views of the lake and volcano but it wasn't all rest and relation we took another week of spanish class, did some horse back riding, took the boats around the lake to visit the San Marcos a hippie spot thats was even cheaper than San Pedro but not our cup of tea. We spent a day walking around the streets of Panajachel the busiest most developed town on the lake its alot more pricey and cost is important to us so one day was enough. Took a Sunday tour to Chichicastenango, that holds market days on Thursdays and Sundays. The road to the market is awful tip never sit in the back of a tour bus in CA. 

Back to San Pedro, like most of the villages around the lake the people speak a maya dialect amongst themselves. The spanish they speak is slow and clear for us to understand so its ideal place to learn spanish. We studied at the Coopertiva, one of the largest schools in town at $120 for both with one teacher to save money and only 3hrs per day. The school holds a friday dinner for only $2 a person that was a really nice BBQ chicken will all the sides, cheap dinner and a great way to meet the other students. Our hotel\hostel was about $8 a night that had a simple kitchen so we cooked alot these 2 weeks to save more money, but we aslo sampled the local restaurants that average about $10\$15 for both and all the places had large portions.

This has to be one of the cheapest places to live in the world, really enjoyed our time here but have to move on. Were heading to Antigua for the weekend and than Guatemala city again for some last repairs to the Sienna before heading to El Salvador for some surfing.

typical streets on the lake

view of the harbor in San Pedro

on the other side of the lake at San Marcos

Spanish teacher and view from the school

workshop making natural soap

soap made with fat

wildlife in a park on the Panajachel side
one of the unforgettable dogs on the lake

Ji learning to weave

doing it herself you don't want to see the end results
Chichi market on Sunday