Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2 days 2 different countries and 2 totally opposite hot springs

Spent one last night in Guatemala city and I think we saw our first sunset of the trip. Picked up some last minute supplies like a fire extinguisher and a road hazard triangle, why you ask? we’ve been told first hand the police and Honduras and Nicaragua will ask for it and if you don’t have the items, they might ask you to make a small contribution to their wellbeing (bribe). 

Our last 3 days in Guatemala were spent on Rio Dulce, traveling to Livingston and roaming around Lago de Izabal. Our first 2 nights we spent parked at Brunos restaurant and marina. We biked 5km to Castillo de San Felipe to see the old castle the guarded the river from pirates during the 1600's fully equipped with canon towers, dungeon, church and living areas. The castle has been nicely restored and we had a tour guide that spoke more english they she made us believe.

Later that day we took a boat ride to Livingston to the see the Caribbean village on the Atlantic coast nothing more than a stop off point for most heading to Belize or the Big Islands on Honduras coast.

huge tickets to the castillo

 she loves showing off her new bag

view from the guard tower

enjoying the ride to Livingston

arriving in Livingston, the people trying to take our bags and show us to a hotel

On our last night we head to El Paraiso about 20km outside of Rio Dulce and soaked in the cool river and showered under the steaming hot water falls. Never have I seen such contrast of hot and cool natural waters. It cost less to $2 usd. to enter and well worth it.

heaven on earth

the water fall was super hot

 2 girls chasing us to sell some bread

The following day we drove 5 hours to the Honduras boarder crossing at Copan ruins. Again this boarder crossing was easy enough very fast no body bother us took all of 45mins to do it all. They asked for 3 copies of everything document which seem over kill but hey thats what they wanted. Total cost to leave Guatemala $1.50 each and to enter Honduras $40 usd including the car.

1.5 hr dirt road to Agua Caliente

mask Jieun

After all that driving we drove another 2 more hours to Agua Caliente to soak some more. But we arrived on 24km dirt road had to pay $10 each to get in a spa style natural springs resort. Disappointed, that water was kind of dirty, and expensive a double shot in the arm. It was getting late and they let us camp in the parking lot for an extra $10.