Sunday, May 15, 2011

Only in Colombia a theme park for Coffee, Parque national de cafe

I know visiting a national park for coffee sounds like a gimmick but the to the Colombians, its serious business. It cost about $20 each to enter that included, cable car ride with views full views of the park, train ride around to get a ground view, entry to the museum, plus a live coffee show, It also included another mechanical animated kids show which was a total waste of time for us. The coffee show was the best only lasting about 40 minutes was full of dance, signing and amazing colorful costumes, worth the admission alone if it were longer also the museum of coffee was also interesting to see. We ended up staying longer than intended and left at 5:30 pm to drive towards Cali. We drove until 8:30pm and finally stopped at a gas station to sleep just 60 km's out side of Cali.

Colombian coffee way too much

coffee show but no cameras allowed
resembles a korean dish but taste nothing like it too dry for us