Sunday, May 8, 2011

High city of Manizales to Santa Rosa's hot bath

Its sad we had to leave Jardin, but if we stayed as long as we wanted our Colombia visa would probably expire.  So we drove 6 hours to Manizales which is located in a mountain region about 2000 meters up. The city is hard maneuver with its narrow one ways and super steep streets, the sienna struggled to climb them. Arrived just at dark fall and lucky found a hotel in the centre but had to pay extra for parking, cost of both $35 more than we expected but it was ok for the central location. We were getting hungry and went out to food hunt, now I say hunting because in Colombia, looking for something other then bread or chicken can be an adventure itself. Walking down the main street of the city at night we saw a chicken restaurant with large a roast pig stuffed with rice that look good and different. Lechona, is what they call it cost about $4 a plate tasted like any baked rice with pork and veggies but funny thing we ordered it with a side of fried chicken.

stopped because of a land slide 30 mins
stuff roasted pig
not chicken but sold in a chicken restaurant
tallest church in Colombia

As for Manizales we only spent one night and left early morning but we did manage to see the tallest church in Colombia, walked the steep streets and refreshed with a .60 cent freshly squeezed orange juice before driving 2 hours to the hot baths of Santa Rosa. It has 4 hot pools, 2 of them are warm 1 is for kids and the last one was hot thats the one we spent bathing in but its not the naturally warmed water that flows through the nearby volcano that make this place stunning its the back drop cold water fall that makes this place unique. We spent just over 3 hours bathing and meet 2 very friendly families. Colombians really make this country a warm and friendly place to visit. Thanks guys and sorry I lost your E-mail. uh yeah the spa cost $17 each but if you come Mon-Thu before 2pm you get in for half price.

water coming out was freezing but nice change from the hot water am bathing in
Ji's enjoying a cool shower

a family of the many lovely Colombians we've meet

goodbye and heading to coffee region Salento