Tuesday, May 17, 2011

leaving the warm coast of Cali for the white city of Popayan

Alright back on the road heading south to Popayan, took just over 2 hours to reach the city and when we arrived the first thing we notice was the white buildings and how clean and bright it makes the streets. Now our visit happen to coincide with mothers day "Happy mothers day Mom with love" and what seem to be a national bike race competition. Lucky for us we arrived just before the races because almost all hotels including ours were taken over by the racers. Our hotel was nice, located 4 blocks from the city square had secure overnight parking but 2 blocks away and during the days we had to move our van and park infront of the hotel.

the city square and church
bakery on the corner of the town square we eat here everyday for breakfast
night shot of the church
fresh deep fried potato chips

loved exploring the streets of Popayan

tour de Colombia

Our 4 days in Popayan wasn't too strenuous we laid around the hotel using the internet, watching TV, enjoyed our peaceful walks exploring the city and market, sampled the lovely street foods and amazing bakeries. Yes, this is our lives for now void of work, customers and meetings while maybe the odd nightmare. While on our last day we visited the Indigenous market of Silvia. The market itself was nothing special but travelers to this remote town are coming to see the colorful natives. We managed to get a few shots far away of their colorful outfits but when Ji, ask to take a picture with them, they asked us how much we would pay? so we said no and walked way.

fresh market meat, I'm sure they killed it that day, but I just can't get use to it
fruits where so cheap, picked up bag of bananas and mangoes for only $1 
exchange of goods

this guy better get the hell-out of the way