Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cali, self proclaimed capital of salsa

Cali is a great place if your young, single and not afraid of looking like a fool on the dance floor. We only spent 2 night in Cali but made the most of our time. Our first night we checked out the salsa scene at the famous Tin Tin Deo we arrived at 9pm and the place was empty. Now it was Thursday night so we were not sure if it was going to get busy so we hand a few drinks and when 10pm people slowly poured in by 10:30pm the dance floor was full and we got to see why Cali is salsa capital of latin america, the Cali's moved effortless to the rhythm. Now we didn't even try to dance but it was nice just watching them move. Next day we visited the old town with Yoshi and Laura from our hostel. Hey guys good luck in all your travels hope to bump into you again. That same night we caught a show in the nosebleed section of the Old theater lucky for us there was not talking only acting, music and visual effects sort of Cirque du soleil meets Romeo and Juliet.

Next we will head south to Popayan, the white city.

action is heating up at tin tin deo

caught a show at the old theater

a day with new friends from the hostel