Thursday, March 24, 2011

Learning about coffee in the hillside town of Boquete

on top of Boquete

Jieun actually petting a dog
About 2.5 hours from the boarder of Costa Rica is the lovely town of Boquete. Afternoons are warm and breezy while the nights of cool and crisp really enjoying this climate and the town is really peaceful and clean very unlike C.A. The town is full of retired americans in their beautiful hillside homes overlooking the town with the Rio Caldera a crystal clear river running through. We stayed Hostel Gaia for $22 both, this hostel is perhaps the best hostel we have stayed in to date. Its clean, fast wifi, good kitchen, living area with Tv to hang out and talk with other travelers plus laundry service for $2 a load. Gaia is not in the lonely planet yet so its still quite.

geisha coffee one of the most expensive and best tasting coffee in the world 
pound of this cost on average $100

old fashion French roaster

beside cafe ruiz, mi jarden es su jarden

nice of someone to make this free for everyone to enjoy
the garden equipped with its own mini church

this gold fish pool sat under the house with a glass floor

We took our first coffee tour to date at Cafe Ruiz, both of us are not avid coffee drinkers but we know a lot about the processes of making it now. While Panama, is not large producer of coffee beans but is recognized world wide as a quality grower. Beside Cafe Ruiz was the garden of Mi Jardin es su Jardin (my garden is your garden) Its free to enter and I think its really someones home garden that they open to the public, its huge with look out tower, gold fish pool, water fountains and even its own church, very nice to visit. 

We will spend 3 nights here and head for Panama city to meet Paul a fellow Canadian that will ship with us to Columbia.  Hope you like the photos courtesy or new Sony tx 5