Monday, March 21, 2011

A broken camera and watching Forrest gump in Costa Rica

leaving Nicaragua was just crazy had to get 5 different signatures to cancel the car permit

1 of the 3 selling liquors, perfumes and chocolates 
Costa Rica side was a little better only 3 buildings to visit

and 1 fumigation cost $5usd
While no new pictures update for a while, our Canon G11 stop taking pictures just as we climb up a 500m hillside to view took the last 3 pictures and the next photo was just all white. When we got to the capital we found a Canon repair shop that told us we need to replace the lens and would take a month because they had to order the lens plus it would cost $410 usd, so we will buy a new camera. Any suggestions?

On our first day in Costa rica we spent at the Rincon de la vieja national park lonely planet calls it the Yellow stone of central america.

camped out at this cute Dutch owned place just 15km outside the park they charge $25 for this wood tent
we camped in our van for $7 each

enjoying the cool river behind our camp

arrived just as this group was leaving had the pools to ourselves
2 hr hike to the parks thermal baths 
500 meters straight up overlooking Costa Rica and Nicaragua
last picture from our canon g11
San Jose the capital of Costa Rica was full of young people and loads of interesting museums, attractions and stores. I also enjoyed the cool temperature of this high city reminded me of a nice autumn day back home. We stayed in the city core in a hotel that rented rooms by the hour, so our nights where full of moaning cries. The hotel itself was clean, good location and had a secure parking lot across the street overall was good for $24 a night.

We drove from San Jose though the mountains to Uvita, on the west coast and the sandy beaches here to never end. The drive though cloudy mountains, was very spooky we couldn't see past 10 feet with hair pin turns, wet and cold first time on our trip we used the heat in the van. Probably will stay a few more days in Costa Rica and start organizing our shipping of the car in Panama to Columbia hope we find a person to share with. cross your fingers for us.