Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Error at the boarder and got a new camera in Panama

Yes! we are Boquete, Panama and things are looking good. First off our last day spent in Costa Rica was total waste of time and money we went to the town of Golfito about 1.5 hour from the Panama boarder. We wanted to check out the duty free zone to look for a camera. We arrived on Monday and the place was closed! Monday can you believe it of all days, lucky a guy out front told us we needed to get a ticket to enter tomorrow to buy stuff because you can't get them for the same day. He said it was for the small town to make money from the tourist. So we had to stay the night we found a hotel right on the water but expensive at $40 usd. it had a kitchen but was kinda of dirty (can't recommended it). Next day we arrived right at 8 am excited to find a new camera but as arrived we saw that same guy from yesterday waving us down as we got out he asked us if he could buy one of our tickets for $20 bucks, we told him he could have it because each ticket has a $1000 usd tax free purchases and we knew our camera wouldn't cost that much. So I got thinking and asked him why he didn't get a ticket yesterday too and he told me he can't because Costa Ricans can only get 1 ticket every 6 months. Now we understood but he told me I would have to wait around until he found people that needed to buy stuff because we have to sign off on the purchase. We walk around looking for a camera but all they had was old models nothing decent and it only took 30 minutes to see the place so we told the guy we can't wait around but he already lined up a buyer that wanted 2 cases of tequila and sure enough the guy went in to pay for the stuff about $250 for 24 bottles of tequila not bad and he might turn around and sell them 20-25 bucks each not a bad days work for these guys. That was our good deed for the day, still early and we set out for the boarder.

As luck would have it after exiting Costa Rica, we drove to the Panama side and we spotted a VW camper with BC plates. I really wanted to find them and ask if they were planning on shipping to S.A. As we waited in the immigration line I ask a few of the people if that was their camper and finally after 3 people I found the couple driving the VW and he was just as happy I found him because he has been looking for someone to ship with too, we exchanged e-mails and talked a little of our trips. I noticed he had hired a young boy to help with the paper work to speed things up, but we decided to do it ourselves as always been doing it at the boarders. We ended up finishing before him and it was looking to good for those guys, the boarder official wanted to search their van or something maybe wanting a bribe? we told him were done and we would meet up with him later in Panama to talk about the shipping. As we left about 10km down the road a check point and I notice the insurance and the permit had the wrong license plate number, the check point guys didn't even notice but I knew if we are going to ship they would notice. We headed back to the boarder to fix the papers went the insurance first closed for lunch. Dam, so I want to the license office to correct the car permit with no problems but had to wait 1 hour for that stupid girl at the insurance office to return because she one that started the snow ball, because all the other offices copied the insurance information. When she finally return we told he she made a mistake could she fix it, with a attitude she told me I had to give back the other error copy that the license office had, this little bitch had me running around for her mistake and over 2 hours of wasted time and gas, and you think she would say sorry! but nothing she even ignored us when we came back to the window because she forgot to return our ownership. Also I notice a guy in line when we first arrived and asked about the BC couple and they told us they were not allowed to cross and would have to spend a night at the boarder hotel for what reason? who knows! Welcome to Panama!

Oh we pick up a camera in the city of David, about 1hr south of the boarder the Sony DSC TX5 its waterproof, shock and sand proof I guess we will find out. We put it to a test if we go rafting or hiking in the wet mountains the coming days.

ours is silver