Friday, April 8, 2011

Panama city very modern but without much soul

Traffic, shopping and unfriendly faces is what stands out most about Panama city. Now we only stayed 5 days, the only reason we stayed this long is because we needed to ship our cars to Colombia and this is where all the police action takes place or lack of. Now most travelers to Latin america have once or twice felt custom agents, police inspections and immigration officials could maybe do things a little more efficient. The never ending photocopies, back and forth running around, the 2 hour lunch break and to top it off we always end up paying for their mistakes. Enough complaining we all know its not going to make things change so to all the fellow road travelers have patients, always smile and you will get that one signed or stamped paper you need.
cheaper than water

catching a moving with Paul and Rachel Battle for LA
view from our hotel
Panama canal
these sail boats pay on average of $1500 for passage through the canal
this load pays about 300k

waited all day for an inspection that took less than 2 minutes each
final step in Colon waiting to enter the container
As for the shopping Panama city lives up to the billing with high end shops, large shopping malls and electric stores lining the main streets prices are the best we have seen anywhere for beer, can of Coors light for only .67 cents. Now the people of Panama was really disappointing everyone seemed to be very unpleasant from taxi drivers, shops and restaurants workers ignoring us and even the hotel we stayed at the employees where unpleasant and unhelpful, everyone just had that look on their face of uninterested and not caring.

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