Monday, January 3, 2011

Its a new year and we are saying good bye to Oaxaca thanks for the memories

While 2 months in Oaxaca has come to an end. Met a lot of great people and lived in one of Mexico's best keep secrets. Jieun's Spanish has improved double and mine not so much. Saw some amazing ruins and tasted Mexico great offerings to the world. Oaxaca and the people we have met here will always be in our hearts our blog and our facebook. Thanks for the memories Oaxaca! Cheers.

Oaxaca the jewel of Mexico we think
Santa Domingo Cathedral
thanks for the showing the town on our last day jeje!
drinks with captain morgan in Mexico
more drinks
year ending concert
go go Gaba my spanish teacher Rock on Gaby!
black pottery
hand crafted and painted wooden creatures
Jacques touching speech, miss you bro.
Ji's A1 class
Gaby gracis por todos
take care of yourself Madeleine
Markets full of spices to grasshoppers

cooked paella once a week
tyuadas con res
fun christmas party at home
7 nights a week the zocalo is always full
my favorite part of cooking class, eating time!
I know its over but don't jump

yes in the back of a pickup truck going to miss Oaxaca
we have to leave now Kenny
going our seperate ways. goodbye everyone and safe travels!

Next will be the Gulf coast in Veracruz and down to Paleque