Saturday, January 22, 2011

Deep in the jungle of Palenque Mexico and crossed in to Guatemala

Been busy the last 2 weeks we spent a few nights deep in the jungle of southern Mexico in Palenque to see the ruins and camped in a real hippie area. The nights were full of music and insects and the mornings had monkeys roaring, birds chirping and more insects.

After we set out to the board crossing town of Ceibo, about 2 hours from Palenque. The crossing was pretty easy not busy at all. We change some pesos to quetzals got the visas, after did the van paper work drove in and had 2 guys spray down the tires. total cost $12 usd. Was pain free and very fast not at all of what we expected.

our hostel in Flores
bump into some people we met in Oaxaca
lake side sun set in Flores

Our first stop in Guatemala was Flores and we bumped into some travels that we meet in Oaxaca, small world. We went to see the ruins of Tikal and we found a real nice spot on the lake called El Remante and camped right on the lake with a tiny family run hostel that let us camp for $4 usd a night.

highest pyramid in Tikal
on top what view
camp out at this place on the lake for 5 usd a night
view of the lake