Tuesday, January 11, 2011

In the middle of the jungle with witch doctors

We made it to Catemaco, a small town on a lagoon. The town is famous for its brujos, male witch doctors. We spent 2 nights camping on the lagoon and one night in the jungle at the Nanciyaga that hosted likes of Mal Gibson, Sean Connery and numerous Mexico celebrities it has a famous mud bath and mineral water pool. The town is full of hungry police that stop us twice with the second time trying to get money from us for not having plates on the front but we got off with just a warning.

the jungle road to Nanciyaga
this little paradise Poza reyna out in mountains road was even worst
me and Julio enjoying a dip in the falls
view from our cabin alligators swimming by and wild monkeys in the background

our tinny cabin
sun rise in Catemaco
Luisa and me getting a facial with natural mud from the area
mineral water pool runs down from the nearby mountains
sad monkeys stuck on the tinny monkey island in Catemaco lagoon

we are leaving Catemaco tomorrow for Palenque.