Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ice skating, radish festivals and smashing plates bring luck for the New Year!

Yes, this was the first time the city of Oaxaca, has had an skating rink and to top it off its an outdoor one. With average afternoon temperatures of 28c. Its so strange I felt the urge to skate here, I am Canada! I can skate and play hockey all year round but to do in Mexico under the sun. I guess it was a novelty to me, but in the end the lineup was just too long of a wait 2hrs plus

dam its hot waiting to ice skate in Mexico
this is the line for the skates (aprx. wait time 2hrs plus)
skating patrol guards almost out number the skaters
ambulance nearby for any lost fingers
this is a nono in Canada, playing in zamboni ice. just kidding its artificial snow

The year ending radish festival is big thing here in Oaxaca. I ask a few people why radishes? didn't really get a good answer but the one story I liked, goes they had an abundance of radishes one year and ever since then there's been a radish carving festival. Not too sure if its true but there is more than just radishes, flower displays and corn leaf models that are really detailed work. Another interesting thing we saw was people braking plates after eating its supposedly bad luck to use the plates twice near the end of the year.

radish sculptures

corn leaf and flower displays
love the detail and the kids look
smashing plates to bring new year luck!