Thursday, January 6, 2011

Back on the road to Veracruz

Just left Oaxaca and wired stuff has been happening ABS and TPMS lights have been on and off all day gotta get this checked soon.

tinny church
tinny village that used the cute church

Back on the road again we drove north east to Veracruz through some amazing scenery, from mountain views to jungle and to dry hot beaches Mexico, really has it all. We drove on some very hilly and curvy road making a stop in Iztlan de Juarez, the town where Benito Juarez was baptized. Juarez was the first full blooded indigenous president of Mexico. 5 hours later we finally reached the tinny town of San Mateo Yetla, that has a lovely ecotourism resort and spent the night van camping on the grounds very quite and relaxing. Interesting about the resort is that its owned by the community and all the employees are from the village the money made goes to them so its worth checking out.

luxury cabins on a ecotourism resort?
kids playing and clean their clothes in the river along the resort
community pool in the resort

Next morning we drove another 4 hours to Veracruz, a very modern port city for Mexico we think the feeling is so different like a Caribbean meets colonel much like New Orleans but not as developed. We enjoyed our 2 days here but its time to move on south.

Veracruz is warming up for the big carnival in March
too late to see what the caught

Enrique mucho gracias por cena y todos
Veracruz port
traditional Veracruz rice plate with fish, crab and shrimps
Veracruz downtown at night

Next stop Catemaco for some mexican witchcraft hope they can fix my ABS and tire pressure light problem.