Sunday, December 5, 2010

Driving and hiking to Hierve el agua

This weekend we decided to take a trip to Hierve el agua with a few friends. Not knowing that the near by town had closed off the road for some reason us foreigners will never understand. So we had to park at the road block and hike the last 4kms on a very rocky, dusty road and of course in the scorching afternoon sun. After an hour hike and passing few people and some live stock we arrived to the cold natural springs of Hierve el agua.

passing a few cows on the 1 hour hike

the final stretch to our destination

Yes, we did it Yah!

picture we think looks better but still very nice and rewarding

taking a dip in the natural springs full of minerals

this is no water fall its the dry minerals deposits from the water

had to show this place we got amazing cheese and beef quesadias for only 10 pesos each just out side the gates into Hierve el agua you can find Alice's Restaurant