Monday, December 20, 2010

Typical weekend dangerous market, drinking eating and X-mas caroling

Friday after class 1pm we headed out for lunch at our favorite buffet. After 2.5 hours of feasting we all went to Tule, at town famous for its large tree. Its recorded at the stumpiest tree in the world and is around 1600 years old not bad for a tiny town.

enjoying a nice lunch under a palm roof with mexican christmas music gotta love it
Tule's town church nice little town very clean and quite
the giant tree of Tule largest trunk and over 1600 years old
the branches extend pass the surrounding fence

Saturday morning we went to the largest outdoor market in latin america, something like 17sq. blocks, were unable to take pictures because everyone told us it would be too dangerous to carry a camera around the market. We could buy almost anything from live animals, to furniture wish we had pictures of it. That same night we met up with some classmates at a local rock bar.

rock club la salamandea
school of rock meet nocho libra

Sunday we thought would be a day of rest but no. Our building was having its Posada local festival to celebrate Marys walk to find a place for the birth of Jesus.

setting up the pinatas
close up of the birth of Jesus display in our lobby. very pretty
Italiccaroling in the streets in only shorts and t-shirt

look at the nice pinata
ItalicJieun's turnItalic
ItalicJieun beat that pinata and almost knocked out that guy on the ground on the far left
Frida kahlo lives and making art work on people