Friday, December 17, 2010

A day with the Laird and Lady of Lochaber

We've been very fortunate to befriend Ellie on the first day of school, and its a friendship we know will last on far past our stay in Oaxaca. I guess she being Canadian had first drawn us towards her but shes much more than a canuck in a strange land. Ellie is a warm, selfless, and caring person with lots of feel good stories and is willing to share them with others. She recently had us over for lunch and introduced us to her husband Shawn, they both shared stories and we strolled around there their home.

Thanks guys for a great day that we won't forget.

casa de Shawn and Ellie

teacher and students

abandoned 500 year old church door way

enjoying more stories in a grave yard

Zuly and boyfriend, Zuly is Jieun's spanish teacher

colorful cemetery

to Ellie and Shawn thanks guys