Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New chapter, our bikes for our Asian odyssey

We've dumped our safe, comfy van and upgraded to planes, trains, bicycles and buses, that's righ  bicycles. We're getting in shape, helping the environment while touring south east Asia. Its always been on Jieun's to do list. What kinda of husband would I be if I didn't make her dreams come true. Plus I hope its going to help me lose that 10 kg I've always promised myself but never quite achieved.

I'm getting excited again because we both love Asian culture and food, plus traveling at this pace we are really going to get that feeling of knowing the people and the places we visit. 

Its the year of the Dragon that symbolize strength and achievement, I hope that holds true for us because we are going to need every ounce of muscle to achieve this fulfilling reward. Wish us luck!

$200 bucks each that included all the gear, hope they last the trip
they fold so we can easily put them on the buses