Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hong Kong and a visit to our families home town

Over a month back home at my parents was great but I was getting antsy to get back on the road and meet Fred, my big brother in China who I haven't seen in almost 8 years. The flight was direct and still took 16 hours. When I passed customs and claimed my luggage my Grand uncle and his wife were waiting at the arrival gate and greeted me with warm smiles and chatter of how much weight I gained. Its funny when I saw them they looked the same I guess the past 8 years have been more kind to them. My uncle took me to his tinny flat in Mong Kok, and I had the whole 200 sq. feet to myself. First night was spent pretty much sleepless and I went out for a walk at 5 am, saw some other old people stretching and warming up for a walk too. I wondered around until I got to the heart of Mong Kok and found people already or still up from last nigh eating and having their milk tea. Later in the day I got a call from Fred who was back in HK and would meet me later

Grand uncle home in China near Guang Dong
shopping for knives
 special meat section at the outdoor market
gator meat anyone

After catching up with Fred and meeting his youngest boy Eddy for the first time, last time I saw Fred he wasen't born yet. Next day I headed to China with my Grand uncle for a few days before meeting up with Fred again. I spent another 10 days catching up with my brother and he also took me back to our Great grand fathers grave site to see our family village another first for me. What a great experience plus spending time with my big brother was so important to me on this visit to Asia. Thanks Fred for showing me a great time.

Aunt and Uncle, helped with the preparations 

trail to our Great Grand fathers grave

Eddy helping out 
the hilltop view our ancestors have
having fun with everyone
paying our respects 
the gate to the Chu family village

Back to HK, to meet up with Jieun, she had another ordeal at the airport. When she visited her parents for X-mas the airliner had misplaced her luggage and yet again when she came to HK her luggage was late to arrive, plus they gave her problems before leaving that she needed a return ticket so she had to run around the airport in Korea to get one but in all she made it to HK no luggage and down another $250 bucks. Lucky us I guess. 

line up at the China embassy in HK, cost Ji only $30 for 30 days and took only 3 days
hotpot with my good friend Keith, his wife Ling, Gary her brother and Kari his wife
Hong Kong harbor at night never gets tired
Keith letting me hold on to a small fortune, Thanks Keith for paying for our 2 year trip,  in my dreams