Monday, January 23, 2012

Its officially! a sienna down south is over now begins our Asian odyssey

After shipping our Sienna back to the states we expected to receive late December in Florida and drive it back home for the new year. But before we left Argentina we got news that our van would be 2 weeks late from the original ETA. We had already booked our none refundable tickets to Miami so we decide to get a transfer, home for Christmas. It was a crazy long lay over for us both Jieun's flew back to Korea to see her family, hers was about 15hrs, I waited until she left so mine was a total 25hrs.

We left 16 months ago in a car and returning in plane strange feeling. After seeing my family and friends it was like I never left and the past 16 months just flew by with only the photos to remind me that we had even left. But it's still not over for me after the new year I contacted K-line the shipping company to confirm the arrival date so I could book my flight back and they had told me it would be delayed another month from the last ETA so making it a total of 2.5 months to ship my van from Argentina to Florida.

Very upset with the news because I had already made plans to fly to Asia to meet up with Jieun to start a our Asian odyssey. That would have to wait until I settled this mess with K-line. With a lot of back and forth e-mails I got the feeling K-line was not step up and help in anyway with their screw up. They wouldn't even reduce the shipping fee at all and stated it in each an every e-mail. Finally gave up and found a Florida port manager to take our Sienna off my hands for the total price of nothing but he did agree to ship back some of our belongings and that's still up in the air if anything is still in van. 

In the end I had to pay K-line the $1000 plus sign over my van to someone I never met who's in partner with K-line. But on the bright side I don't have to fly back down to Florida and we can start our new Asain Odyssey on time. Will keep you all posted!

That Toyota Sienna has taken us to the end of the world and provide us with great memories. 
We going to miss you!