Friday, December 2, 2011

Sienna's waiting to board the boat while we wait it out in Buenos Aires

After leaving Iguazu, all we could think about was driving through Entre Rios, and the police checks so we timed it that we would passed the province late at night. This time we didn't get stopped because all the police where just sitting around and sleeping. Our destination was Tigre a small town outside of Buenos Aires and we originally wanted to stay here and just transit into the city. It didn't work out that way we couldn't find a decent place to stay in town but we did end up staying 4 days in and around Tigre. During those for days we took transit into BA, found an apartment and also made contact with the shipping company. Shipping company was Capricorn representing K-line and they charge $1000 for RO/RO to Jacksonville Florida, service takes about 30 days and only 1 boat a month. That same day we also found an apartment in Recoleta, (off craigslist) a nice neighborhood of BA $650 a month parking was separate extra $75 for 2 weeks because we put the Sienna at port to wait for the boat.

Buenos Aires is a very cosmopolitan city that still holds on to its old world charm, with its architecture, unique neighborhoods and green spaces. After visited its many tourist sites and walking its old streets I can see why so many visitors call it the Paris of South America. We have been is BA for over a month now and still or Sienna has not left the port, K-line agent telling us there is a delay with the ships. So it looks like we will leave Argentina before the van leaves.

Our Sienna down south has run its course and we ready to return home. There has been so many wonderful places, great foods tried and encountered great people so it would near impossible to pick one over another so I won't. Visitors can read our blog or visit the places and decide for yourself. I know everyone's experience will differ from ours and that's what so exciting about exploring the unknown. I hope my blog will give some insight on the places but most importantly get them excited to travel.

Recolate converted theater into a bookstore 
best ice cream in Buenos Aries 
where the wealthy Argentina's are buried Recoleta cemetery ( include Eva Peron, Evita final resting place)  

one of the most expensive sites holds a Nobel prize winner
ghost of Rufina a wealthy young girl that was buried alive and to this day she still roams the grounds
modern art museum of Buenos Aires

made from recycled air plane wings
meet up at Ariel home 30 minutes outside of Buenos Aires for a typical Argentinean BBQ 

Sunday, at San Telmo market is interesting place to spend the day (tango, asado, mate tea and loads of antiques) 

November 22, 2011 left at Zarata port heading for USA.