Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Paragliding and partying in Medellin

Jieun, found another interesting way to make herself sick this time paragliding over Medellin to get a birds view of this huge sprawling city. We planned to do it the day before but the rain wouldn't allow for it, so today the clouds open just enough for us to take flight. Took an hour by bus up an twisting road to arrive at the north hill side of the city. When we arrived the clouds had come in again so we had to waited and started to get hungry waiting so we ordered a hamburger and just as the guy put the patties on the grill the people called us to say its perfect to take off "shit" we told the guy we had to leave but he made us wait another 5 minutes to cook the burgers. We swallowed them as fast as humanly possible and suited up. I took off first it was a nice experience but felt alittle sick up there not sure if it was the half cooked burger or the pilot flying in circles but the view was breathtaking. Flying over a city is unreal we landed only after 10 minutes in the air but the real ride was just beginning, the taxi back up the hill. This driver took a road less traveled thats fore sure he raced up the hill on dirt, mud, rock, winding and just writing about this makes me sick. When I arrived to the top I saw Ji, sitting in front of the office now I flew before her and I had short flight, sure I would be waiting for her. She was looking pale and I asked her did you fly she said "yeah, but I vomit again" apparently her pilot only flew in a circle at take off and after a minute she told him to fly another direction but he didn't so they landed about 500 meters from take off, Ji's flight was less than 2 minutes. We asked the agent why the flight was so short and didn't get a good answer and she offered $8 off Jieun's flight. Cost was $50 p/p,  Ji's discounted price of $42 was a total rip off as she didn't even have to take a taxi back up the hill that cost the pilot or company $10 per return but glad she didn't take it up I am sure she would have lost the last bits of the hamburger left in her.

just arrived and taking in the view
2 of the many lovely dogs on the hill with us
weather not looking good
ready to go get ready
suited up and ready to fly
running for take off
flying high above Medellin
Next day feeling better we decided a night on the town would help. First meeting up at our hostel with few of the other guest for some drinks, as 11pm arrived and we left for a Mall, not any normal mall but one full of bars, restaurants and cafes sort of a night spot Mall that opens its doors around 8pm. We already had a few beers at the hostel and at our first bar we all had a shot called the inferno I guess the bar only had one funnel because we all took turns. Now I am not sure what was in the 6 ounce shot of fire mix but I am pretty sure it had some zambuca it went down warm and after 5 minutes was burning in our stomach and everyone felt a buzz after 15 minutes when you poor that much alcohol that fast down your throat there is bound to be an reaction. Only one guy couldn't finish the drink and don't worry Ross, I won't mention your name.  We hit another 3 bars before called it a night, the others stayed out until 5 am. With the number of bars, clubs and stunning people, Poblado Medellin has got to be the premier hot spot of Latin America nightlife hands down now we haven't been to Brazil yet but its going to hard to top this place.

let the drinks begin
more shots these are the normal ones
just one of the many shots


15 minutes after the inferno shot

don't ask
these cool chicas teaching Ji how to move Colombian style