Saturday, November 20, 2010

2 months studying Spanish in Oaxaca

Just finished our first week of Spanish classes its been really tough. Seven hours a day of school is harder than I thought. Good thing we are meeting lots of new people with common interests.

City of Oaxaca, is really cool place with great culture, food, indigenous people and ancient ruins near by. We haven't had a chance to explore the city centre yet too busy with classes. We start at 9 am and have 4 hours in class and 1 hour conversation with an Oaxacan. 2 hour break and back to class for 2 more hours learning Mexican cooking class Yum!

Centre court yard in our studio rental

tinny bath room but clean

kitchen, living room and dinning all in one

our bed place is new and very clean

We got this place for 4700 pesos a month includes internet, utilities and parking. Its a little far from our school but we bike in the morning takes 15mins so its good exercise for us god knows I need it. it anyone is interested the owner is super nice and people living here are mostly foreigners.

Rafeal is my Oaxacan exchange hes cool guy and teaches Mexican history

biking home after class its dark already

my small class, Jacques, Bill, and Gabi our teacher

cooking mole verde con pollo, thats green mole with chicken. was amazing!

Our spanish school is International Cultural Oaxaca, its pretty pricey 5 weeks for $600 usd per person. Tell you later if its worth it or not! but so far so good.

market day with our cooking class

ji biking in the park after class

jieuns advance spanish class

shopping at local grocery store it surprised us how large it was