Monday, August 16, 2010

Rain storm, no power, crappy camp site hike, really long hike and some spectacular views!

We left Ji’s sister home and headed north east to Hocking Hills State Park Ohio, the first half of the drive was nice enough the second half there was a huge rain storm. Top it all off when we arrived at the park there was a blackout and they charged us $27 for an electric site that had none?

After checking in we tried for the first time putting up a tarp plus its raining the youtube video made it look so easy! After an frustrating hour of failing to erect a decent square tarp, the rain finally stopped. We decided to forget it was late and set out to see the Old mans cave before night fall.

Things were looking up, weather started to clear up and the hike was amazing with great trails and better scenery I was really surprised we would find this so early in our trip. But man, three hours of hiking is just too much for this body, really need shape up if we are going to survive this trip. Next Washington DC.