Sunday, August 29, 2010

Disney World an expensive endurance test for the young and their poor parents

Disney world has 4 major theme parks 2 water parks a wilderness park its like a mini city inside Orlando. It has its own monorail, bus routes, hotels, resorts and even its own down town with shops, bars, restaurants, theaters plus Canada's own Cirque du soleil had a show there.

Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom the most visited theme park in the world with a reported 17 plus million visitors in 2009 alone.

The cost of entrance per adult is $88 per park. Lucky we bought tickets from a vender in the motel lobby for 2 theme parks and 1 water park $220 for the two of us. All we had to do was sit through a 2 hour time share presentation but in the end we saved over $200 bucks and the sales only took 45 minutes we made it clear we weren't interested in buying anything.

Disney Epcot, consists of Future World its the big ball behind me at its centre and World showcase which has 11 different countries. All of the countries seem to be staffed with actual people from those countries. Each exhibit have foods and drink, history, culture and architecture from that specific region. For Canada they had strange accent girl from Thunder bay Ontario if I heard correctly. I just hope all the people don't think Canadians speak like her!

sitting in front of the France showcase

Ji, said she felt like she visited the different countries in the World showcase, she's in Morocco
looks like China if not for all the white people and baby stroller parking

Nine days of Orlando Florida is enough for us we spent 1 night camping a Disney's fort wilderness resort at $50 bucks a night but with the weather forecasting rain for the rest of the week decided to spend the last 7 night shacked up in cheap studio 6 motel for $255 usd.

Camping at Disney was first class air conditioned bathrooms all over the resort which they called comfort stations and 2 pools one with a slide pictured behind Ji, more for the kids the other one relaxing and quite we enjoyed them both especially the slide and the hot tubs. Tons of activities to keep kids busy and a outdoor theater with nightly Disney flicks.

Happy to be leaving Disney World and back to on the road next stop New Orleans!