Monday, August 16, 2010

Americas Capital lots to see and its all free!

Washington is way too expensive for us to stay so we are camping only $16 bucks a night at Greenbelt Federal Park in Maryland, just 20 minute drive into Washington DC. The city is great streets are simple enough, numbers for north and south and Alphabets for east to west easy. Its very clean, safe with the odd homeless person acting weird overall we loved the city. Has tones of great museums and art galleries and did i mention all for Free yes!

America the Big we visited a local Walmart and it was enormous over 30 cashiers but only 1 refund clerk? We could not see one end of the store to the other thats how large it was.
The downtown McDonald’s was the largest one we ever saw cashiers lined the entrance and directly behind were the pick up counters. They had a separate counter that was larger than most of our McDonald’s off in the corner sell and making deserts goods only.

We are leaving Washington head to North Caroline The Outer Banks..