Sunday, November 20, 2011

Long and exhausting road to the end of the world

cuanacos of Patagonia are a relative of the llama 

we pay the same prices as a transport truck thats Chile for yeah!
this guy at YPF station was nice enough to help put on my steering belt. thanks 
As we leave El Calafate for Ushuaia, we both get the sense our sienna down south is almost over. A lot of our time driving was spent talking about how we are getting home and what we going to do instead of the usual where to sleeping, what to see, and eat. Ok, we're getting ahead of ourselves because we still have a lot of road to cover before its all over. To get to the end of the world is not easy nor cheap, its far and we had to enter Chile yet again, this time on a long dirt road and while in Chile we had to take a short $28 bucks ferry  thats only one way. There is no way to avoid Chile trust us we looked. Tip: gas up in Rio Gallegos and it will be enough to get you through Chile because their price is double.

most recent ship wreck of the area
When we arrived in Ushuaia, we expected it to be a small town but the opposite. Ushuaia is a large city, has a big port, casino, hotels and loads of shops. Its a very touristy town with very interesting museum of maritime in the old prison. The national park of Tierra del Fuego is about 30 minutes outside of town and this is where the road official ends, and we could go no further south. The park is nice with hiking, free camping, and a information office inside the park where you can get an end of the world stamp on your passport, for a cost that is. Note we entered the park early at 715am before the gate office opens, and we just drove in without paying and when we left the park later that afternoon they didn't check anything. So if your inclined to get there early you might get in free as we did and save $20 bucks per person.  

worth wild place to visit with interesting stories of the ship wrecks and prisoners 
new warden in town
official end of the road from here we had to hike the last 300 or so meters
national park of tierra del fuego
met Joan of Spain at the campsite and he joined us for the hike to the end of the world
In town we camped at La Pista del Andino for $13, had internet, good washrooms and the owner was very nice and helpful. Oh, don't close the door to the washrooms because we did and got locked inside, lucky the owner heard us banging on the walls and let us out. Now we travel north 4000km's plus to see the water falls of Iguazu, one of the new 7 natural wonders of the world.