Monday, November 14, 2011

Enjoying micro breweries in El Bolson and cheap gas

We left the lake district for El Bolson and when we visited the gas pumps we were surprised to see the gas was a full peso cheaper making it a buck a liter. This is where the Patagonia tax free gas begins. After leaving the district we didn't think we would see another lake so soon, but just outside of El Bolson is the national park of Lago Puelo it has a pebble stone beach, hiking trails, swap paths and camping. We wanted to camp but the park rangers told us its not safe because of robbers. We settled for hiking up the viewing point with nice panorama of the park and after we had a BBQ and bottle wine on the lake. I think we starting to get this siesta thing because after eating we took a long nap and when we woke up everyone had left the park so we headed back to El Bolson to camp. 

In the campground we decided to give the tent some use and to see if it would be warmer than the Sienna, it wasn't warmer but alot roomier. El Bolson is a summer hikers destination, its got short hikes, overnight hikes and waterfalls too bad for us it wasn't summer (lucky for me haha!). The campsite La Chacra, was nice just steps from town, good shade, colorful trees, and cost us $13 a night. On our last day we decided to pick up some supplies before going to the national park Los Alerces. While leaving the grocery store we got stopped by a British expat that notice our plates and was interested in our trip they asked us to join them for a beer at a microbrewery. This brewery had refreshing fruit flavored beer and even a spicy pepper beer that Ji ordered.  We're glad we stopped to chat with Angie and Ian. 

beer flavored jam
enjoying a beer with some British expats 

National Park Los Alerces,  set in the Andes that include several lakes. The road through the park is all gravel we wanted to see Lago Verde (green lake), but we arrived near dark fall and hungry so we just camped in a parking lot in the park. All night we were worried a park ranger would pass by and tell us to leave but it never happened. Next morning we hiked around Lago Verde with its emerald green waters. The streams feeding the lake were full of spawning trout. Next up we are heading south east to the Atlantic coast.  

cows mooed all night long