Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Road to Chile via Mendoza

After a busy week its back to what we love most. Hot springs of Cacheuta just 45 minutes west of Mendoza. We camped out at the small village of Colonia Suiza just 10 minute drive from the spa $8 bucks  per night. At the campsite to our surprise was the American family we had met in Cafayate. We spent a total of 3 night at this site one day at the spa and another enjoying the river the runs behind. Overall its a nice campsite great views of the river and nice size would have been great if only the owner would clean the washrooms once awhile.

I didn't blur my stomach out thats where the camera got wet

Next we headed to Septima winery for a tour but when we arrived we just missed the English tour by hour so we went to Villa Potrerillos to spend the night on the lake and return next morning for the wine tour. While on the  lake we really need a shower after leaving the campground of Colonia Suiza because it was so dirty and plus the owner never burned wood to warm up the water. We found a private home on the lake charging $1.25 for a hot showers so we tried it out, very old but clean and the water was perfect. Next morning we headed back 30 km's for the wine tour at Septima bodega that cost $6 each and included a tasting. www.bodegaseptima.com

this is where the good stuff goes before the oak barrels 
they bottle an average of 3000 and hour

Back on the road towards Chile on hwy 7 we originally plan to stop at one of the many ski resorts but when we saw them lacking snow and icy we decide to just head for Chile. We did however make a stop a Puente del Inca taking in the mineral bridge formation over the Vacas river.

Boarder was easy to get to and we traveled through a 3km tunnel to reach the immigration offices. This maybe the most complicated boarder since our trip and we thought it would be easy, with 2 countries so closely related (like us and the Americans). We had to visit a total of 6 windows and get just as many stamps on the same paper. Crazy I know, oh yeah if you bring food make sure to check off your bringing, there are stiff fines. I didn't and they made me fill out a new form. They confiscated some garlic and some old banana peels we tossed in the garbage. They are serious about this so be careful when entering Chile.