Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Chilling with the elderly in Termas de Rio Hondo

believed over 5000 Quilmes lived here at its peak

After a peaceful week in wine town Cafayate, we visited the spa town of Termas de Rio Hondo but first we made a stop at the ruins of Quilmes, the largest and best preserved pre-Columbian site in Argentina. This place wasn't on our radar but a Belgium family recommended it to us. After the short stop we continued for another 4 hours before arriving in the dusty and steamy town. The first thing that stood out was the bus loads of grey haired people in the streets, parks and shops. Its nice to see and hope we are just as active when we turn grey. We first checked out the campground in the guide book and found it kinda run down but just across the street another campground not in the guide was nicer, cleaner, cheaper and located on the river. Cost was $12.50 usd which we felt was expensive considering we've been paying only $5 in the north but they didn't have natural hot spring pools. We stayed longer than we expected because we bought tickets to an international latin dance show later in the week  so we stayed a total of 5 days chatting it up with the retired folks. We actually enjoy the company of the older people than people our own age, first they enjoy talking and have a wealth of experience its been a real treat. We spent most of our 5 days in the campground socking the bones in the natural springs and cooking meals. We did bike into town everyday sometimes twice for supplies and taking in the sites of people dancing, playing and dinning at all hours of the day.

soaking in the hot spring pools (they change the water everyday)

fresh juice in the park orange or grapefruit

This town had enough to keep us busy a nice path to walk, bike or drive to see the large dam, large public thermo pool in the centre park, casino and loads of shows. After reading what the guide books said of Rio Hondo, calling it rundown dusty town we weren't sure we would visit, but we did and like it alot and glad we spent time here. Its not the first time the guide books missed out and it won't be the last I am sure that. Next we head towards Cordoba, Argentina's second largest city.

chivo bbq goat

BBQ fair and BBQ goat competition
Latin dance show Argentina Tango
included Chile Polynesian, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador
oh yeah Peru