Thursday, September 29, 2011

Municipal campground in the city of Salta

We arrived in the Salta, late at night and after driving through the city centre didn't really feel like searching for a hostel, parking or even a campsite we headed just outside the city and found gas station that charged us $5 to park and rest (they called it a security fee) it turn out to be a quite spot for the amount of truckers rolling in and out. Next day pick up some supplies just across the road at a large shopping centre and head into town to find the municipal campground that was in our new Firestone guide map. It was pretty easy to find and nicely located just 20 minutes by bike or 10 on the bus to the centre. Campground cost us only $5 buck a night had hot showers and lots of space for the BBQ grills pits.

long time since we've taken public transit
On the first day the weather was perfect warm and sunny we spent the day cleaning the van and cooking up some really nice Argentina beef, this time it was exactly what we expected tender inside and crispy outside. As we eating away and enjoying regional wine we found ourselves with a new friend a cute black dog just waiting patiently for us to finish and give her the leftovers.

Jieun just adored this dog we name blue shirt
Second day weather turn bad cold and at night it rained but we had a great night with the other campers. We warmed up with a fire and Murizio, a Argentinean from Mendoza shared with us a cup of mate, a kind of ritual tea passing around a cup and each time the next person finishes and fills up for the next person. We have seen many Argentinians doing this while traveling in Latin America and always wonder what it would taste like and now we know, alot like green tea but much more bitter was a great experience. As the night progressed Murizio opened his truck that was full of the most amazing malbec wine from his friends bodega (winery) We started on that and I don't remember too much after that you going to have to ask Jieun because she wasn't too happy next morning.

the day started out cold and wet with mate tea keeping us warm
next some fresh baked bread everyone enjoyed
after was the red wine, look at the guy beside me he knows
We spent a total 5 days in Salta, enjoyed the city and cafes with its many European inspired streets and buildings but what we will most remember is the campground (wished the massive pool was open), the people and our adopted dog for 5 days that we fondly named as blue shirt because Jieun gave he one of her shirts to keep her warm on those freezing nights. Would have like to stay much longer but the urge to keep moving south is in our blood now, see you in Cafayate is next.

cactus art at the contemporary museum of art
cutest mate cups
inviting cafes line the town square

funny didn't notice it until reviewing our pictures (little boy in the back)