Monday, September 5, 2011

Bumpy road to the capital city of Sucre and picked up a stranded motorist

Before leaving Cochabamba, we asked a few locals which road to take to Sucre all told us to take the road towards Santa Cruz, was shorter and a good gravel road. I should have known better when a Bolivian say good gravel road that means passable by 4x4. The first part towards Santa Cruz, was ok paved but a few rough patches here and there but at the turn off for Sucre it turn for the worst. This was the longest dirt road we have driven on to date, in total about 5 hours of 20-40 km's of bumps and dusts everything was covered in thick dirt and the sienna felt like it when through a massage from a sumo wrestler squeak and rattle. We even picked a stranded local with his family that got a flat tire and had no spare tire and took him the next town about an 1 hr away need less to say this road didn't have very much I wouldn't recommend this road to anyone take the longer way around.

After arriving we asked a local women to point out the direction to the centre, she quickly asked if we spoke English, "Yes" and she jumped into back of the van and pointed us to central, even though she was heading the opposite direction. To date we have met so many nice people while traveling and like to thank them all for taking time to directing us on our way. Some have told us to follow them, some have got in the car even we know how hard it was for them because of the language problem but thank you too you all! After finding central was easy with help but finding a place to stay would be a different story. It was Sunday so not too busy after 2 hours of searching it turned out we would stayed at the first place we check out and the owner even offered to pay the parking at secure garage 2 blocks away. It was the Bicentenario hotel for anyone interested had a roof top kitchen with great views. We stayed a week at $11 both per night with shared bathroom. Our cable tv was down so it was ideal for me to catch up on the blog with the on and off internet but what do you expect for 11 bucks a night. 

Herbie in Bolivia

best desert in town with a great view all this for only $4
the view with desert

Sucre, is a great place to walk around in August warm sunny days and cool nights and we did walk around finding great saltena restaurants, parks and even explored some hill side with great view and even better restaurant. Overall we would have to say for a primer tourist destination of Bolivia Sucre and UNESCO site it still needs to clean up its act, its not like La Paz with so much activities and culture it can stand to be dirty but Sucre, needs to be a clean colonial city and it is in the centre but just 2 or 3 blocks out side the square garbage and the smell of urine line the streets its too bad because with alittle work and care of the people the city would be a great place to stay but than again that wouldn't be Bolivia. Next on the to do list is Salar de Uyuni the largest salt flats in the world.

we thought we had found a camping but was protesters
check out this toilet over a sewage opening