Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Nazca lines and some wine tasting around Ica valley

After a long day of speed boating and riding sand dunes it was time to slow it down. We left Huacachina, early morning to visit some wineries in the Ica region. This area is known for growing the best grapes in Peru and they make wine and pisco, a strong liquor similar to tequila. We visited 2 makers the first one Tacama was a little hard to find but with a lot of stops and asking locals we finally arrived at the entrance. Its a 15min free tour of the ground and distillery and at the end they let us sample their wines. Second winery was El Catador another tourist trap, they made us buy an expensive lunch before taking us on a tour (i guess you could decline lunch) of their outdoor museum factory no longer in use at the end we got samples and also tried some sweets ended up buying a bottle and treats. Keep an open mind and don't expect too much from these wineries but again they are free to visit. 

100 year old grape press
distilling pisco
the old fashion way
 After two wine tasting am back behind the wheel heading south to see the famous lines of Nazca. About 20 km north of Nazca are these large carved pictures of a dog, monkey, birds, spider and a tree they are best seen by air but was too expensive for us so we opted to see them from hwy that has a hill looking point and a also for $2 a 4 story platform where you can get a good view of the tree. Dr. Maria Reiche studied the lines for over 40 years and surmised they're part of a astronomical pre-Inca calendar.

if you look real close its a tree
Nazca central
missing this fry chicken
Nazca city was pretty cool place also and had the best crisp fry chicken to date ask for it by name all the locals know the place Rico Pollo. Next will be Cuzco the Inca capital.