Thursday, August 11, 2011

Long road to Inca city Cuzco

Driving in Peru the distance between place of interest are long and usually end with us arriving a night which I don't like, I would stop in the middle but there are no good places to stop and rest. (hate driving in Peru) Now we left Nazca, early which is about sea level for Cuzco that is 3 thousand plus meters above with this much change in altitude, sickness can sit in and it did for for us. We made it to a toll about 50km outside the city at 10pm so we asked the attendant if we could park for the night, they had a washroom open all night, new and clean but it was freezing cold. Early next morning we left for the city centre to find a place to stay thankfully we did this in the morning because at night these narrow streets and lack of signs would have made it impossible but after 2 hours of searching we found a cheap place with parking near the centre for $15 a night.

morning fog makes surrounding Cuzco more mysterious
arrived a weeks after the 100 year anniversary of Machu Picchu

Cuzco artesania shop galore
narrow streets with tight sidewalks

exposed wall or the original city
needed some supplies for the altitude sickness
 Cuzco, the Inca capital, with its current centre built on the original stone work of the past, a lot of the stone is exposed showing the massive size and detail work that must have went into the old city long ago. Walking around the city now you see how many and how much tourist have affected the place almost every restaurant, shop and travel agency's cater to the tourist dollar. For us Cuzco was a nice place to say we visited but 3 days of window shopping, eating in over priced restaurants was enough for us. Actually there is better stuff out side of Cuzco to explore small towns and ruins that surround the city and of course the lost city of Machu Picchu, here we come!