Thursday, June 16, 2011

A taste of the jungle in Misahualli

Misahualli, is a small village just at the tip of the jungle, tourist and Ecuadorians all come here to get a taste of the amazon. The villagers all know this and are eager to capitalize on this fact by offering boat tours, bringing in monkeys, snakes,building a museum and natives offering tours and shows in the nearby communities. I don't know how authentic it all is, but its a fun place to visit. We hired a boat for $40 to take us along the Napo river to the museum and a native community lucky for us a Ecuadorian mother and daughter were interested in the same tour so we shared the boat and split the cost we saved $20.

Museum cost $2.50 each to enter and included a guided tour, showing all the plants used for different ailments, tools and traps the natives used to catch animals it was neat to see. After was the community and we're greeted by the chief telling us everything would cost $1, show, tour, shop I mean everything was funny. We only saw the traditional show with the village girls dancing and 4 guys playing music.

That was the extent of our jungle experience and now were tired of the mountains and will head to coast for some sun and seafood.