Monday, June 27, 2011

Back tracking to Banos for some white water rafting

This is one of the few times we have back tracked on our trip because of first visit was so uneventful (had the runs) that we wanted to return to see and do more. First was finding a rafting tour again we got a good deal or we think we did. Most tour operators where asking $30 but we asked another small operator and quoted us $25 we asked for a discount and she drop the price to $22/pp that include lunch. Next morning we arrived expecting it to be late but to our surprise it was on time. We had to pick up a few more people on the way to the launch. When we arrived they suited us up and gave a quick lesson and some safety tips. When we carried the boat to the river the insects were just killing us could wait to get in the water and moving. When we started it was fun off the start class 3 to 4 rapids I couldn't stop smiling while racing down the river while Ji, in the back seem scared but she told me she was having fun. In total the ride on the river for about 1.5hr without flipping so a good day. Overall I would recommend to anyone and don't forget to ask for a discount you never know.

Another day we got in some hiking time up to the virgin statue on hillside as you climb up the stairs you get great views of Banos and every step the views seem to change. On our first visit to Banos we found the food average but this time around a local recommend a restaurant that we loved it was a BBQ place not in the guide books about 2 block directly behind the main church we went twice during the 3 days Dulce Carbon was the name.

Banos from the top

easy stuff just bring some water and a hat

pure cane juice yummy
best restaurant in Banos hands down