Tuesday, August 21, 2012

3 days of scorching sun but made it to Mui Ne for much need rest

We caught the 10 hour sleeper bus from Hoi An to Nha Trang cost us about $17 each. The bus was full with backpackers and some of the packs were larger than our folding bikes. When we arrived in Nha Trang, there was lots of people trying to get us to stay at their hotel showing us photos and pricing some guys even promote multiple hotels. Jieun already knew which hotel to stay at but we still let one guy take us to the place so he could make some cash. Nha Trang is clean modern beach city, nice to see has high end to budget accommodations and loads of bars and restaurants also it an interesting night market street off the main part of the boardwalk. 

Nha Trang harbour
Po Nagar temple over looking Nha Trang
mud spa just outside Nha Trang

night market street short and full of Vietnamese sweets
Next 3 days were spent riding down hwy 1 during the hottest time of the year. Temperatures were in the mid 30's add in the scorching sun, we found ourselves stopping every hour to rest in the shade lucky Vietnam has plenty of resting areas along the road equipped with hammocks and the people selling sugarcane ice drinks were also a god sent. I like to say those 3 days were worth it when we reached Mui Ne, nothing against Mui Ne, its beautiful but getting there was hot and hard as hell. In Mui Ne we treated ourselves for 3 nights at relaxing resort with a pool overlooking the sea. It was $35 usd a night included breakfast and afternoon tea and fruits, its the most expensive place we have stayed since arriving in Asia but totally worth it. 

road to Mui Ne

often saw farmers dry their rice on the roads
water was crystal clear
exhausted but made we it Mui Ne, 3 days later
After a few days of doing nothing we did manage to check out the local sites, like the sand dunes, but the most interesting site was the Fairy stream walk with its unique eroded banks and while on the trail we found a place where you can ride an ostrich. Jieun got an short ride for $2 but I think I would have been too heavy for the big bird. Next up Ho Chi Minh city but we like to call it by its old French colonial name Saigon. 

we quickly checked into the Sunrise Resort
thats says it all of what we did the next few days
the narrow strip of sand beach in front of the our resort
unique strawberry spring rolls tasted sweet and savory
fish we ate almost everyday while in Mui Ne

small fishing village outside Mui Ne, look like a fleet of battle ships
sand dunes was too hot to even walk on in the afternoon
strolling down the fairy stream 

looks like chocolate milk 
at the end of the fairy stream was a refreshing waterfall
reminds me of old Atari video game Joust where people ride flying ostriches